# Bands


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What is a band?

A band is a collection of customers that regularly make bookings together. A booking doesn't need a band to be made, but all the bookings made for a band can be seen together.

# Overview

The bands overview page gives you a brief snapshot view of all bands who have booked through Jammed. When a customer makes an online booking, we will always make a band for them.

By clicking on a customers name you can edit or view more information about past bookings, customers associated the band and any outstanding payments.

# Bands view

Customers overview

# Bands details view

Customers overview

# New band

To create a new customer click the New button.

  • Name
  • Band type
  • Number of memebers
  • Notes

# Edit band

To edit a customers details click the name on the customers page.

To then edit the customer details click Edit and once you are finished click Save.

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