# Blocked Times

What is a blocked time?

You can prevent a customers from booking a period of time by creating a blocked time.

You block out a single room for an hour, all the way through to blocking out all rooms over multiple days.

# Creating a blocked time

In this scenario, we're going to model a period of time that the studio is closed and shutdown completely - no bookings can be made. To get started, find Blocked Times in the settings, and create a new one.

Making a blocked time

With a blocked time, you will need:

  • A reason (this is not shown publically)
  • A start date and time
  • An end date and time
  • The rooms it applies to (or all rooms)

# What a blocked time does

When you add a blocked time, that time is immediately taken off the availabilty for customer bookings. The period of time that is blocked just looks to the customer like someone else has booked, and the reason is not shown to the customer. The reason is only shown to the studio staff and administrators on the dashboard and the blocked times pages.

We round the start and end times to the nearest block of time, so if you want to block out a period of time that starts at 1:31pm and ends at 2:29pm, and your price for that time is split into 30 minute chunks, we will block out times from 1:30pm and to 2:30pm. If the price is set on an hourly basis, we will block out times from 1:00pm and to 2:00pm, for example.

# Common use cases

  • Blocking out a whole day for holidays or vacations
  • Blocking an adjacent studio due to a recording taking place
  • Blocking out a studio due to a studio upgrades, renovations etc.
  • Blocking out times that are not available for booking due to staff shortages

# Booking clashes

If a booking has already been taken for a room at a time that a new blocked time is added for, the booking will still remain on Jammed. The blocked time details page will show the booking as clashing with the blocked time, and allow you to move or cancel the booking.


We never move or cancel any bookings that a blocked time is made over

# Blocked times on the dashboard

Blocked times appear as a grey diagnoally checked event on the dashboard - this is to help you see when a studio is closed. You can't edit, delete or move a blocked time on the dashboard.

Blocked times on the dashboard

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