# Calendar integration

How can I integrate our Jammed with my own calendar?

Jammed offers an official integration with Google Calendar

Jammed offers a one-way syncing mechanism with Google Calendar. Once connected and setup, a booking that’s made on Jammed will instantly appear on your Google Calendar. Any updates or cancellations on Jammed will also be reflected in real-time on Google Calendar.

The most useful part of syncing Jammed with Google Calendar is you can then give this calendar to staff as a shared venue calendar of all the bookings happening - it’s a source of truth about who and when people are coming into the studio.

Calendar sync settings

# Getting started

To get started, find ‘Calendar Settings’ in the admin panel. You'll be asked to login to your Google Account and authorize Jammed to access your calendar. You can then see your calendars in the list, and choose which one you'd like us to sync with.

# Calendar sync with staff

Staff opening up the studio can then check if they need to actually arrive at 9am, or can wait until 10:30am for the first booking of the day, for example. Or if setup and kit needs to be moved between rooms, they can see the agenda on their phones prior to the day starting so they have time to prepare each booking. Instant notifications

# Customize notifications

Jammed also offers the option of customizing the notifications that get sent by Google to your phone, in the same settings panel. You can choose to have a reminder 10 minutes before each booking, or the day before - or even no notifications at all - it’s up to you.

These notifications will help your staff be prepared for each booking - and allow you to perhaps take bookings the same day & expand your offering.

Calendar reminders

# Split out calendars per room or space

Lastly, if you have multiple calendars you can specify which room is added to which calendar - allowing you to potentially have a different calendar for each room in Jammed. This could help in a few ways, but has the benefit of just looking best in Google and other apps, where the different room’s bookings are shown in different colours.

Calendar per room or space

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