# Website Settings

What are the website settings?

The Jammed website settings that control how the Jammed system works, the information about your studio, and the payment provider setup.

We will guide you through most of the website settings section during the onboarding process.

# Email settings

Read more about email settings here - this is a separate page as it's a large topic.

# Opening times

The opening times within the website settings are only used for the dashboard calendar display & by default they are 09:00 - 00:00. You can change these as you wish. We set these defaults as most studios don't operate outside of these times.

For example, if your studio takes 24/7 bookings then the opening times should be 00:00 - 00:00 so you can see all times on the dashboard.

Unfortunately it's not possible to extend the closing time past midnight, so if your studio takes bookings to 1am or later, then you'd need to set the opening time to 00:00 to see the end of the booking block on the calendar.

# Social media accounts

These are available for you to use in emails and displayed when a booking is complete.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Soundcloud
  • Instagram
  • Website

# Calendar subscriptions

Subscribe to the live booking feeds from Jammed. You can hand these out to staff members so they can subscribe to the shared calendar on their phones. This way they won't need to login to Jammed to see upcoming bookings.

Private feed - Contains personal data of customers, email addresses, phone numbers - don't share it publicly!

  • Google Calendar format
  • OSX Calendar, Outlook .ical file format


Google Calendar can take 6 hours to pull updates for a calendar from any service like Jammed. We can't guarantee the 'freshness' of these feeds on third-party systems.

# Automatic refund time

Jammed offers registered customers the option to cancel and be refunded for their booking within the customer 'my account' portal.

This setting changes the time Jammed offers these refunds automatically to customers. You can choose to manually refund a booking inside this limit if you wish.

You can also turn this feature off entirely by choosing 'Never refund automatically'.

# Apple Pay and Android Pay setup

# Domain names (Apple Pay & Android Pay)

IF you use a custom domain name with Jammed and want to use Apple Pay or Android pay, then please enter the domain names into this field. Each domain should be on it's own line for example:

  • apple.com
  • microsoft.com


You don't need to add your-studio.jammed.app, we will add this one for you.

Last changed: 4/30/2024, 4:37:52 PM
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