# Prices

When you set a price for a room, it makes that time available for booking by customers online. You can set as many different prices for rooms as you like - only the cheapest for a given time slot will be offered to customers.

Two types of price: simple and tiered. A simple price is a fixed rate charged per time slot - £5 per hour, or $10 every 30 minutes. A tiered price is the same, but with price breaks if the customer books for a minimum time. So £5 per hour, but £4 per hour if they book over 4 hours.

A change to prices will be reflected on the customer booking side every hour when we re-calculate what's available.

In this video, Andy makes

  • An hourly rate during the day time
  • An hourly rate during the night (with a longer minimum booking time)
  • An hourly tiered rate for a different room
  • Shows the customer side, showing how the prices have been calculated
Last changed: 4/20/2024, 9:39:27 AM
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